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Why Flexpack collapsible crate?
In Flexpack packaging system, our collapsible crates are manufactured from non-corroding, non-humidifying materials (plywood, galvanized sheet metal).

Plywood material used in manufacturing Flexpack, is of VBP quality and made of pressing six layers of oven cured wood and fully resistant to water and humidity.

Flexpack collapsible crates can be manufactured in any desired custom sizes.

Having your company logo, website address and other visuals on your crates will contribute to the prestige of your company with its stylish and elegant image while shipping your products.

It offers space saving for stacking since it is lightweight and collapsible, 70% financial saving in labor and storage and 75% time saving in packaging.

Manufactured without using nails, Flexpack collapsible crates are made of galvanized sheet metal to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Flexpack is the choice of American and European states due to its reusability feature.

It offers price advantage especially in airfreight charges due to its lightweight.

All surfaces of Flexpack are reinforced with galvanized sheet metal and locking system. It enables you to deliver your products to your customers free of damage.

Since Flexpack collapsible crates do not nails and wood splints accidents which may cause injury to the persons packaging the product are avoided.

Several handles and locking system of Flexpack collapsible crates enable easy and safe handling.

It provides your products an enhanced protection against impacts and crashes which may occur during shipment.

It prevents forming of corrosion on the products due to weather conditions as a result of prolonged waiting periods in customs and warehouses.

Flexpack is stronger against torsion than iron due to its static flexibility force with the increasing weight. What makes FlexPack strong is its transversal plate structure. In Flexpack, adhesives used to joining the wooden plies are even stronger than the wood itself.

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